Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back Story on Haricots Verts...

Every year we travel to lovely Cincinnati to have Thanksgiving with the Kissel clan and about 5 years ago I made an old family favorite... green beans provencale a la Julia...  they were an immediate hit with everyone and became the dish I was required to make every year... the more the better (we double it and make a whole lot).  So about three years ago I was making my dish and after they simmered for the 8-10 minutes I picked up the large skillet Kathe had me use and the handle broke off and the beans spilled all over the kitchen floor.  After the 5 second rule was invoked we saved only a small portion of the dish.  As a result Kathe bought a very high end All Clad deep dish skillet for me and I loved it so much I added one to my own kitchen.  Now we never worry about spilling the beans!!!!

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