Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Southern Comfort - NOLA Adventures

You all saw round one of Mom & Dad's Louisiana vacation last month. Well, a few days ago, Dad got around to sending me Part Two of the photos (there are going to be at least three parts, I'm told). But this is really the most exciting set, because these pictures from New Orleans are ALL ABOUT FOOD!

As described to me, above is a half oyster po-boy from the Acme Oyster House. I'm fairly sure my dad was joking when he said, "As you can see we dined light that day as we were going to Upperline that evening."

I'm sure this beauty of a dish needs no explanation, though it does seem like something you're more likely to see on the grounds at Wimbledon (sidenote: Yay, Rog! 15!!!!) than at Brennan's, the famous New Orleans restaurant.

Okay, how great is this pre-meal treat? Roasted garlic and a baguette with a glass of red at Upperline in the Garden District. Again, quoting Dad, "This one of our favorite NOLA restaurants."

And here's a photo of the elusive Dad. Drinking a glass of wine. Definitely related to me.

BANANAS FOSTER!!! I realized this past Fourth of July that I enjoy all things that are either a) on fire or b) exploding. BF totally lives up to that.

More from the dinner at Upperline. These mega-shrimp on top of fried green tomatoes are making me very, very hungry. I wonder if they deliver to LA?

The shrimp and crab etouffee at Adolpho's. Yuuurm. That's the sound of "yum" when the drool makes you trip over the word.

Okay, it's outside of New Orleans, but my love of all things college sports necessitated the inclusion of the above photo. Again, you know I'm related to my father as his explanation of the picture is, "self explanatory".

Mas oysters, this time raw, from Acme.

This po-boy shop was located two blocks from the apartment my parents rented. And while I love me some Gumbo Pot at the 3rd & Fairfax farmers market, I have a sneaking suspicion that this place would kick its butt. I mean look:

'Nuff said.

Thanks for keeping us hungry, Mom & Pops.

And look for more exciting family food related photos coming out of sister Stacy's 30th birthday bash this weekend...

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