Sunday, August 24, 2008

The First Time

I was a journalism major. For six weeks. So I'll use a little Reporter 101 to help you get to know us here at Attack of the Killer Zucchini a little better.

Who: Six family members (mom & dad, two grown-up daughters and their husbands). Some of us live in the Bay Area, some of us live in LA. And if the in-laws join in, we'll have Bakersfield and the greater Baltimore area covered as well.

What: A food, wine, gardening and overall lifestyle blog. Pop Culture-meets-Americana style.

When: We came up with the idea on a family vacation in the Sierras. A family vacation where everyone brought what was growing in their garden. Including almost three dozen zucchini. And we're talking mostly those big mothers that seemed to grow to the size of a small dog almost overnight.

So we were like, "Hmm, what the hell can we make with all this zucchini?" Things pretty much turned Top Chef Quickfire Challenge and we came up with an interesting array of food. There was a zucchini and plum crumble (which didn't actually suck). There were also zucchini pancakes, in the vein of potato pancakes, a zucchini stir fry and several other dishes as well. Oh yeah, and there was wine. Lots of it. Which led to chattiness, which turned into a "let's do a blog" "yeah, totally!" "OMG, I love that idea" conversation. And now, after lots of discussion about name, layout, content and other boringness, Voila!

Where: Here. Duh.

Why: We've got a writer, a photographer and a chef in the family, so we're hoping this site will actually look, read and taste great. And at the very least, it's a good way for all of us to keep in touch. Hi, Mom!

So, you know, enjoy.

(Oh, and PS - I'm obviously not the photographer, which is why my lovely photo of a zucchini drinking a beer is so, um, amateurish.)

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