Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25 Things I Love About LA #2 - The Burbank Airport

LAX gets all the play, but any smart, centrally located (read, non beach-dweller) Angeleno knows that Burbank airport is soooo much better. Basically if you're flying anywhere on the West Coast or in the Southwest (or via Southwest) or to NYC (via Jet Blue), this is the way to go. Parking? A breeze. Check-in? A snap. Security? Definitely not going to make you pull your hair out.
And have I mentioned the lovely, outdoor baggage claim in Terminal A? So much nicer than waiting in the nasty, flourescent lighting of the LAX baggage claims. Trust me, I've done that three times in the last two months. Blech.

So thanks, Burbank Airport, for almost making flying fun again. Oh yeah, and if you're flying out of Terminal A, there's a decent bar near the center of the Terminal that serves beer, wine and cocktails. Booze definitely makes flying more fun.

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Laura said...

I second this! The Burbank airport is almost dreamy it's so easy to deal with. I live 8 minutes away from it, so picking people is up like 20 minutes round trip for me.