Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Beerfests???

Not one, but two of our awesome friends e-mailed Noah and I yesterday to inform us of ANOTHER beerfest in Los Angeles. What? More excuses to drink massive amounts of beer? As the tiny blonde one said, "Bring it."

The 1st annual Craft Beer Fest L.A. will be held May 9th, hosted by C.A.B.A.L., perhaps the best acronym ever (it stands for the Los Angeles Craft and Artisanal Beer Appreciation League). According to their site, "A dozen of the state’s best brewers will showcase 26 handcrafted beers while L.A. chefs sling FREE pub grub (gourmet bar nuts, artisan cheese pairings, and vegan snacks). Attendees can try beer treats like ale cupcakes and stout ice cream from the gelato geniuses at Scoops. And a slew of local bands will share the stage with renowned brewers giving tips, and cheese experts lecturing on how to pair beers with food."

Uh, sweet! The event is at the LA Echoplex and is rumored to be taking place from 2-9pm. Of course, the evil beer-hating god Soberus would have Noah and I hosting a baby shower that day, but you know we'll bust our butts to make at least the last three or four hours. Because for $30, why not?

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