Sunday, October 5, 2008

London Angeles

This is stop two on the "neighborhood tour" I started in yesterday's post.

About three blocks down and three blocks west of our little house in Hollywood you'll find these guys parked. Crazy, huh? It's like the UK came to town and nobody told me. Bastards!

I'm guessing they're parked in a prop car storage facility or some such place. Obviously not in the best working order, probably just available for background rental or something. Either that or there's some kind of wormhole that transported me to York (which is the stated destination on the closer bus).

For some reason when I was messing around with this picture the effect I used decided to give it rounded corners. It seemed appropriate with the tatty bus. Like my parents took the picture on a trip to England in the '70s. It reminds me of a bunch of photos they have of me as a child. Aww.

So, welcome to my crazy world - tropical gardens to double decker buses in less than six blocks. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Next in the neighborhood tour... Amsterdam?

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nojorising said...

You probably wouldn't have to leave the house to go to "Amsterdam" :)