Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tropical Southern California

Noah and I went for a walk in our neighborhood the other day, twelve blocks or so, and only in looking back at the photos I took do I realize that those twelve blocks have no less than four distinct styles.

These pictures are from the first few blocks near our house. These bananas grow in front of a house less than a block away, one that's tumbling down and Craftsman in style. Not exactly where you'd imagine planting some banana (or are they plantain) trees.

This cool flower was growing at the base of the bananas. Looks tropical and a little alien at the same time. A less threatening version of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

Another block after that and we're in the heart of "newly built, vaguely Mediterranean" condo central. Yep, those places are going like hotcakes in this real estate market.

At least they have pretty flowers in the mini-courtyard outside. Like these:

Stay tuned for the next neighborhood style - '60s London. Aren't you, like, dying from curiosity?

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