Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Not Fair Day

Monday afternoon, the Ladies and I all decided to take Tuesday off (easy for those of us who work at home) and have a Fair Day. It's LA County Fair time and I'd never been. The Ladies all raved about the ridiculous array of fried food (s'mores! artichoke hearts! twinkies! oreos!) and the adorable petting zoo bunnies last year, so I was totally psyched.

Tuesday morning dawns beautifully (okay there was a butt load of smog, but it's LA) and after a quick hike in Runyon it was time to hop in Abby's ride and head for Pomona.

We get there and things seem... slow. Dead, actually, might be a more accurate term. But it was a Tuesday and most people have jobs in actual offices, kids are in school, etc... Really only slackers like us have time for the Fair. Still, no warning lights were going off, even when we pulled into the VIP lot and nobody stopped us from parking. For free. Okay, hmmm, but maybe we were just the luckiest Ladies on Earth?

We walk over to the ticket counter at Side Entrance 5, only to find it closed. Now that's weird. Maybe we need to go in the main entrance on weekdays? But, hey guys, doesn't it seem a little quiet in the fairgrounds. And that's when, finally, we see the giant sign posted that says FAIR CLOSED MONDAYS & TUESDAYS.

What?! But didn't you... oh didn't you... okay nobody checked to make sure the fair would be open. Yes, we had all separately been to the fair website THAT MORNING and yet none of us bothered to see if it would actually be open today. Instead we watched informational videos on raising barnyard animals and making your own soda. And in our defense, there is a giant sign on the sight that says LA County Fair - Sept. 5-28th. So you kinda figure it's open that whole time.

And we weren't the only ones. No less than four groups of people showed up within minutes of our arrival, also surprised to find the fair closed, misled by the website's dates. I mostly felt bad for the adorable aging British couple. They were bummed.

As we head out, we're all pretty distraught. What about the fried foods? And the bunnies? And the fried foods????

So we did the second best thing to eating fried foods at the Fair. We went to the closest rhymes with Phili's chain restaurant and ordered up all the fried food four lovely ladies could want. Including but not limited to the above platter of nacho bacon chile french fry thingies. And they were delicious.

But I'm still pissed I didn't get to try a deep fried s'more.

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