Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Sundays in our little corner of Hollywood are pretty much the best. It's the only day I'll willingly wake up early, and that's so that I can head over to the Hollywood Farmers Market before all the good stuff is gone. Usually Noah joins me, unless it's football season (like it is now). Lately my friend Sherry has been coming along.

The past few mornings here have been cool and overcast. Fall is in the air, at least the mini-fall that we get before the 4-6 weeks of blazing hot Indian summer/Santa Ana winds kicks in. Maybe it was the cool weather or just the lure of new stuff, but for the first time in weeks my bags (yes, they're the re-usable cloth kind) were filled with more veggies than fruits after the market today.

(Non Sequitor: Watching the Broncos game on the Ticket and they just scored an awesome last minute winning touchdown which does GREAT things for my fantasy team, since Cutler is my QB. Woooo! And the Niners won in OT, double woooo!)

I picked up some butternut squash, Brussel sprouts, Listada de Gandia eggplants, a Hass avocado and heirloom tomatoes (Black Krim, Paul Robeson and Sara Schwartz). Check out the Brussels and eggplant:

In keeping with the fall theme I also got two kinds of apples, Honey Crisps and Gravensteins. Mom always uses Gravensteins to make her amazing apple pies and that's what I'm planning on doing with these guys. The Honey Crisps are my current favorite eating apple, at least until the Cameos come in.

Rounding things off were a stop at the Bread Man for almond croissants and a loaf of whole wheat and a visit to the fish lady for tonight's dinner - Opah, scallops and some ahi she threw in for free, yay!

Oh yes, and I picked up a few starters for my fall plantings from the guys at Hayground - two kinds of Brussel sprouts, purple asparagus and scallions. But more about the fall/winter garden in the next post.

Now that the afternoon games are over, it's looking like it's apple coring and peeling time. Kind of a pain, but worth it when the pie comes out of the oven. Though I'm thinking of doing what my mom does and freezing the uncooked pie for use at a later date. I've still got left over birthday cake to eat!

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