Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tomatoes & Nectarines - Who Knew?

So a couple of weekends ago, Noah and I had a late and lovely dinner with our friends Craig & Sharra at Cube on La Brea. As per usual we ordered waaaaay too much, especially in the starters category.

One of the tasty appetizers we got was a peach, tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad, drizzled in balsamic and topped with freshly chopped basil. It was such a nice twist on the fairly played out caprese you find on every Cal/Ital/Med menu in town.

It was so good, and so easy that I knew I'd be recreating it at home. And I totally planned on making it this Sunday to eat while I watched the Federer match (yay, Rog!). But, um, Noah and I were out late on Saturday and we pretty much slept through the Farmers Market this week. So no peaches or freshly made mozzarella for us. Thankfully, inspiration struck and saved me from a snack of... nothing.

We always have a few tomatoes on the counter in the summer months, fresh from the garden, and this Sunday was no different. So I grabbed a nice Paul Robeson and then checked out the fruit situation. There was a juicy looking nectarine. Score. I've always liked nectarines better than peaches (I have texture issues with the fuzziness) so it seemed win-win por moi. Sadly the only cheese we had was some cave aged Gouda which really did not fit the bill. Tomatoes and nectarines it was!

I sliced the tomatoes and then the nectarines into rounds and arranged them on a platter and drizzled them both with some balsamic. I admit, it's the $4.99 kind from TJ's. I totally need to up my foodie street cred and get some good stuff, but... well I'm kinda lazy. I finished it off by chiffonading up some Genovese basil from the garden and sprinkled it over the rows.

Then it was time to chow down! And it was awesome. Give it a try and I think you'll like it just as much as I did.

Especially if you actually have the fresh mozzarella to complete the dish.

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